'There's a cable leading into your wall that wasn't there before. Something's scratching behind the power sockets. Things are disconnecting...'

From Trick of the Light Theatre comes a lo-fi wi-fi fable. It combines storytelling, music and puppetry into an uncanny tale of the digital age.

Written by Ralph McCubbin Howell, and directed by Hannah Smith, this darkly comic one-man show brings the innovative staging and intricate narrative that enchanted audiences with The Bookbinder into our contemporary world. Using smartphones and laptops as light sources, and puppets made from cables, it tells a story both mythic and modern in the vein of David Mitchell (The Bone Clocks). A work in progress.

45 mins (No interval)



Ralph McCubbin Howell

Ralph McCubbin Howell




Hannah Smith


Ralph McCubbin Howell

Based upon a story by
Ralph McCubbin Howell
& Hannah Smith