The Loft
Melbourne Fringe
Reviewed 21st September 2014

My favourite thing about Fringe is when you take a punt on something and it is gloriously and unexpectedly bizarre.  This is one of those shows.

WOMANz (alter-ego of comedian Tessa Waters) is the celestial by-product of the love affair between a star and a rock.  She has come to earth with big hair, leotards and 80’s dance moves to share an evening of good times with the Melbourne Fringe.

The show is a quirky mix of comedy, character, clown and dance, barely worth describing because this is all about the performance.  WOMANz has the audience in the palm of her hand, and under her confident direction and lascivious eyebrow lifts we duly krump, whack, and fondle our crotchal regions.  The room is in stitches, with a heady atmosphere of self-love and surreality.  In the hands of a lesser performer the repetition would become tedious, and the accent could be cringe-worthy, but Waters holds us throughout.

A really fun time. Recommended.

When she's not making theatre, Hannah likes critiquing it, and is a contributing theatre reviewer for Theatreview, the New Zealand Listener, Broadway Baby and The Wireless.

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