The Worlds Inside

Melbourne Fringe
Reviewed 20th September 2014

An investigation of the imagination of the child told through low-fi lighting, object manipulation and some scanty dialogue, this occasionally charming piece could be a launching place for a bigger story.

Centred around Brian, an 11 year old boy with well developed imagination contending with some equally well developed anger and attention management disorders, we see how Brian interprets his world, and how he reacts to change in his home and school life.

There are some charming theatrical devices, and inventive and creative staging (though sightline issues mean that much of this is lost on those not sitting in the front row). 

The script is very slight, and the storyline underdeveloped – several scenes are laboriously set up to deliver a single line of dialogue, and the plot seems insufficient to carry our attention through the length of the show.  Transitions between scenes have been carefully and lovingly worked, but a similar focus needs to be devoted to the scenes themselves.

If the script is given a serious re-draft, this work has plenty of theatrical potential.  There is clearly a talented team with an eye for scenographic detail and interesting visual choices.

When she's not making theatre, Hannah likes critiquing it, and is a contributing theatre reviewer for Theatreview, the New Zealand Listener, Broadway Baby and The Wireless.

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