Seasoning! Looks like everybody’s kicked a goal!

Do you know what is hot?  Perth.  Perth is very very hot.  Literally hot, as the temperatures tip 39 degrees, and also full of hot of every stripe and shade as FringeWorld takes over the city for ’31 days of Perthect’.

We are in Perth for the first time and, by gum, it’s a pretty great festival.  The Bookbinder sold out all 8 shows, forcing us to add two extra performances to our run; and garnered nominations for Best Children’s Event and The West Australian Arts Editor Award.  Pretty stoked with these. We also got to hang out with all the lovely people at The Blue Room Theatre which is essentially a BATS away from BATS and a home away from home. You are good guys.

The other fun and freaky part of our Perth-life has been joining the Puppet Fiction crew. Ralph has taken on the role of John Travolta and other parts usually played by puppet-maker and moustachioed maverick Jon Coddington for this Perth season, as Jon had to pursue his amazing TV career in Auckland.  This show is a fun time and we have been rockin puppets around the city of Perth like m*ther f*ckers.

We have one more week here of sweating our balls off, and then we will be back in fair Zealand.  See you soon.