The Road That Wasn't There

Very excited to announce that we are partnering with Zanetti Productions on a new version of The Road That Wasn't There to tour the North Island of NZ and then the Edinburgh Fringe in July/August of 2017. Featuring a new design and script, the excellent Elle Wootton, and the return of the prodigal son Paul Waggott. You can find us in Auckland from 11-15 July at the Herald with Auckland Live, in Upper Hutt on 19 July at Expressions Arts and Entertainment Centre, and in Wellington on 23 July at Whitireia Performance Centre, before we cross the seas to perform at Assembly Roxy from August 3-27 at 14:35. Find out more here or at

The Devil's Half-Acre / Australian Tour

Very excited to announce that our new work THE DEVIL'S HALF-ACRE will be premiering as part of the NZ Festival in 2016. We've just finished our first two weeks rehearsals which featured puppetry, Mean Square and meetings with magicians. Find out more about the show here.

We're also gearing up for a return tour to Australia with The Bookbinder and The Road That Wasn't There. Looking forward to catching up with our mates at The Blue Room and Fringe World, Perth, with The Road, before we make our first trip to Adelaide Fringe for a double-bill of Trickster trickery.

Seasoning! Looks like everybody’s kicked a goal!

Do you know what is hot?  Perth.  Perth is very very hot.  Literally hot, as the temperatures tip 39 degrees, and also full of hot of every stripe and shade as FringeWorld takes over the city for ’31 days of Perthect’.

We are in Perth for the first time and, by gum, it’s a pretty great festival.  The Bookbinder sold out all 8 shows, forcing us to add two extra performances to our run; and garnered nominations for Best Children’s Event and The West Australian Arts Editor Award.  Pretty stoked with these. We also got to hang out with all the lovely people at The Blue Room Theatre which is essentially a BATS away from BATS and a home away from home. You are good guys.

The other fun and freaky part of our Perth-life has been joining the Puppet Fiction crew. Ralph has taken on the role of John Travolta and other parts usually played by puppet-maker and moustachioed maverick Jon Coddington for this Perth season, as Jon had to pursue his amazing TV career in Auckland.  This show is a fun time and we have been rockin puppets around the city of Perth like m*ther f*ckers.

We have one more week here of sweating our balls off, and then we will be back in fair Zealand.  See you soon.

Sydney Fringe: It's the culture Darryl. It's full of culture. Chockas.

Our first time ever at Sydney Fringe was an excellent fun time.  We performed three sold out shows at the delightful Better Read Than Dead bookshop, and they invited us back for more.  We met some lovely artists, lovely audiences, and got to taste the flavours of the Sydney indie art scene (not to mention the flavours of every restaurant on King street).

Ralph got his face on the cover of MX:

And we also got a number of reviews, compiled here, here and here for your interest.

We're going to Bonnie Doon...

Our tickets are booked, the posters are printed, and our suitcases are pushing baggage allowance to the limit. We're kickin' this joint and taking The Bookbinder on tour to the lucky country. We'll be performing in Sydney Fringe Festival from September 11 - 13 at Better Read Than Dead Bookstore in Newtown, and then in Melbourne Fringe from September 19 - October 4 at Son of Loft, Lithuanian Club at the Fringe Hub. No shows in Bonnie Doon pending as yet. Our Sydney shows are already selling out fast so book before they go. Look forward to catching up with old mates and meeting some new ones. Catch you later, Wellington.